Phase 2!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have secured funding for 95% of Phase 2 modifications to the Fire Academy. The remaining funds to complete this project will be provided by the six (6) Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Departments. With that funding secure, the Penn Hills Fire Chiefs Committee has authorized the second phase of construction to the Penn Hills Fire Academy. Phase 2 will consist of a 4 story steel exterior fire escape going from the ground floor to the rooftop of the 3rd floor container, and fall restraint safety equipment on the exterior platform of each container, rooftop rope repelling station, and Jersey Barriers to prevent any people or equipment from falling over the hillside and ending up in our water retention pond. We are hopeful that Phase 2 will be completed by Thanksgiving or sooner.Phase 2 of construction would not have been possible without the generous donation made by Peoples Natural Gas. We will continue to work towards secure funding for phases 3 (asphalt paving) & 4 (pole building for Fire Academy /Twp reserve pumper). Thank you for everyone that supports us. Remember to LIKE, SHARE, and FOLLOW for all updates.

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