Penn Hills Station 223

The Municipality of Penn Hills is located approximately 10 miles east of the City of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County, and covers approximately 19 square miles. The Penn Hills Municipality is made up of seven fire stations, which provide fire protection, fire prevention public education, and rescue services. The North Bessemer Fire Department is located near the border of Plum Borough.

The North Bessemer Fire Department (Penn Hills Station 223) was established in 1925. Since that time the department has been providing high quality fire protection and fire prevention services to the residence of Penn Hills. When the fire department was established in 1925 the department had 1 Engine and about 25 members. Members were given a helmet, 3/4 rubber coat and hip boots , which at times had to be shared between members. No breathing equipment was available at that time for members to breath in a smoke filled environment.

Today the department is fortunate to have 2 Engines, 1 which is a rescue pumper, 1 Mini Pumper, 1 Service vehicle and a Squad. The members all receive state of the art firefighting equipment and each fire engine comes equip. with SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) To help the members to breath in a smoke fill environment.

The North Bessemer VFD would not be able to have the equipment that it does today if it was not for the generous donations of the residence of the North Bessemer Area. It is to you that we are truly appreciative for allowing us to have the best equipment available today to ensure your safety and ours as we respond to all emergencies.